SCUBA Diving

Diving in Spring Lake at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

I received my open water scuba certification in fall of 2018, and have since fallen in love with the sport. I have about 15 dives under my belt, and many more planned for the future. I received my training through a program at Texas State University called Operation Scuba. Operation SCUBA is a program that Operation SCUBA initiative gives student veterans an opportunity to earn an open water dive certification and learn about education, team building, therapeutic resources and environmental stewardship at Spring Lake. If there is a time where I am not at school or working there is a very good chance I am in the water.


I wouldn’t call my self a professional by any means, but I do enjoy capturing moments that can never be recreated. I started my photographic journey in 2015, and have gained more experience every year since. I do have a big fancy camera, but currently my every day carry is my phone. The iPhone X takes great pictures. With the help of specialized lenses my phone becomes an unstoppable photo machine!