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This was a first go at blogging and using a content management system (CMS) in Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media, a class I took in the spring of 2018. For my blog topic I chose Ramen in and around central Texas. This venture lead me on a multitude of quests to find the best “local” ramen spots. Ultimately my hunt for ramen ended the way so many college students will understand, with instant ramen an very little pocket cash. Check out my blog posts here, or click the picture!

360 videography and photography really stole my attention at the end of 2018. A 360 degree camera allows the viewer to see anything and everything surrounding them, and creates a unique experience for every viewer. Which is why I dedicated my final project in Web Design and Publishing at Texas State University to it. This website was created using WordPress and CSS.  To view it click here or on the picture.

I was tasked to create a quiz website using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Bootstrap. I learned to utilize loops and conditionals during this project to best suit my needs and provide and accurate result once the submit button was pushed by the quiz taker. This quiz asks questions to find out what TXST Building the user might be. Find out what TXST building you are here or click on the picture.

For my final project in Coding and Data Skills at Texas State University I was assigned to create a website using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Bootstrap that was interactive and told a story through data visualization. Using Google Charts and information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics I showed how the cost of text books has risen more that any other cost of college education.  Click here or on the picture to see and interact with this website!

Piggybacking off of my Coding and Data Skills project, I created a business plan and website to combat the high cost of textbooks. My plan created a student to student book market place. Here, student could post the books they had allowing others to browse and buy their books. This solution would eliminate the high costs of textbooks from university bookstores. Check it out here or click on the picture!