Video and Media Projects


During the Fall 2018 semester at Texas State University I planned, filmed and interviewed over 15 current and former student veterans to produce three informational videos for the Veteran Academic Success Center at Texas State University to raise funds during the annual Step Up for State fundraising campaign. The videos helped to raise over $10,000.

MC3311 Video Production

Aside from learning the ins and outs of a television studio, our second project for the class was to create a PSA for an organization on Campus or in the San Marcos, Texas area. I chose to showcase the Rural Talent Search, which helps students from sixth through twelfth grade prepare for higher education.

MC 4336G VR and 360 Video

Press “Start”, click, and drag to look around. Click on the hotspots to move to a different area.

Press play to watch. Use the “W”,”A”,”S”, and “D” keys or your mouse to move around.

MC3390 Media Design

As a final project in Media Design I created a magazine layout centered around #VanLife and mobile dwelling. 


I do enjoy taking photos and posting them on the internet, but providing my services and expertise is also an avenue that I am interested in. I can shoot portraits, professional photos, and landscapes! 

Graduation Photo
Military Professional

If anything you have seen interests you please contact me here.